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General information

http://www.ue2008.fr and http://www.eu2008.fr are the addresses of the official website of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which runs from 1 July 2008 to 31 December 2008.

During the Presidency the website will be updated continually. As of 1 January 2009, the content will remain fixed but continue to be accessible.

The website is available in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Some documents are available in the 23 official languages of the European Union.

With the exception of some services, the website is designed to be easy and comfortable to use, including for visually and hearing-impaired users. All of the website content meets the accessibility criteria of the AccessiWeb Bronze Label standard.

Site manager: Gilles Briatta, Europe Advisor to the Prime Minister
Webmaster: François Gacon


Unless specifically stated otherwise, the reproduction and reprinting of the content is authorised subject to indication of the source and right of reproduction (Source: Website of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2008). This authorisation does not include the downloading, reproduction or use of the logos and banners of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, or any other third party logos that appear on this website. Their use is subject to the express consent of the relevant copyright owner. These conditions also apply to the content of other websites linked to from this site.


All documents are provided for information only and do not engage the liability of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The content on the website does not have an official value; rather its sole purpose is to present information on the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Drafting or translation errors in the different language versions cannot be completely excluded.

No warranty or liability can be accepted for any malfunctioning of the website or unavailability of the system.
No liability can be accepted for any consequential damage incurred from using this website or following the unavailability of the services provided by the site.

Data security

The digitization of data and the use of different browsers or software may produce errors. The imperfect display of certain data or information on the website cannot be excluded. We cannot guarantee that every document consulted matches the official version of that particular document.

You can use the contact form provided to advise of information which may be incomplete, erroneous, or missing, and to offer suggestions aimed at improving the service provided by the site.

Data protection

All the data contained on the website is subject to French data protection law.

In accordance with Act No 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, as amended, users who have posted personal information on the website have the right to object to (Article 38), access (Articles 39, 41 and 42) and rectify (Article 40) this data. They can demand the rectification, completion or deletion of data relating to them which is incorrect, incomplete, equivocal, expired, or of which the collection, usage, disclosure or storage is prohibited. All internet users can exercise these rights by writing to the editorial team. For more information on users' rights, obligations and the protection of personal data, see the website of the French Data Protection Authority.

Technical information

Visiting this site requires a web browser capable of authorising and executing JavaScript. The optimal display of the website requires the most recent versions of browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2 and Opera 9. The website pages can be accessed using text browsers or older versions of browsers, but the website's graphical appearance may be modified as a result and users may be unable to fully benefit from the services on offer.
The website also features files in PDF, MP3, WMV, Flash Video (FLV) format. Reading files in PDF format requires software provided by Adobe Acrobat Reader for example, which can be downloaded free of charge at www.adobe.com.

Viewing videos or recordings on the website requires software which allows access to FLV files, e.g. Flash Player or Windows Media Player. This software can be downloaded for free at the following addresses: www.adobe.com and www.microsoft.com.

Service providers and partners

The editorial content of the site comes mainly from the sites www.europa.eu, www.diplomatie.gouv.fr and www.touteleurope.fr.

The preliminary study and graphic design of the site was conducted by ST Groupe, an IT systems consultancy firm. ST Groupe also provided the support for implementing the project in its development phase (www.st-groupe.fr).

BT France is responsible for the technical design of the site and for its maintenance (http://www.btglobalservices.com/business/fr/fr/index.html).

The infographics in the European Union section were provided by Touteleurope.fr, a French reference website on European issues.

The quiz was produced by the interactive design agency Modedemploi (www.agence-modedemploi.com).

The ReadSpeaker company is responsible for the speech-enabling of the site content for the visually-impaired or visitors who prefer to listen rather than read. Contact: laurent.lebeur@farmerstv.com

The "Map of events in France" uses API Géoportail, an IT application produced by the French National Geographic Institute (Institut Géographique National français) (www.ign.fr), which allows the integration of maps and photographs into any website (www.geoportail.fr).

Meteo France, a public company, observes and forecasts the weather in France and the world, works for the safety of people and property, compiles climate archives and conducts research on climate change. www.meteofrance.com

The NEXINT (www.nexint.com) company is responsible for hosting, managing the IT performance, and maintenance of the PFUE.TV platform and as a software developer, also designed and produced an extranet to facilitate file-sharing among the different website contributors.


Secretariat-General for European Affairs, Prime Minister
2, boulevard Diderot, 75572 Paris cedex 12
Tel.: +33 1 53 44 53 95

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